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ARN (Algorithms for the identification of genetic Regulatory Networks) is a research project coordinated by INESC-ID, which aims at the development of methods that will partially automate the study, identification and modeling of mechanisms found in many living organisms that control gene expression. The task of the XLDB team is to develop information integration techniques for automatically identifying gene regulations from Gene Ontology and BioLiterature.


The central goal of ARN is the development of methods that will partially automate the identification of mechanisms that control gene expression. Cellular processes are regulated by interactions between various types of molecules such as proteins, DNA, RNA and metabolites. Among these, the interactions between proteins and the interactions between transcription factors and their target genes play a prominent role, controlling the activity of proteins and the expression levels of genes. A significant number of such interactions has been revealed recently by means of high-throughput technologies. Moreover, recent discoveries have highlighted the regulatory roles of small functional RNA motifs in the control of gene expression. This work aims at obtaining first a better understanding of the biochemistry of molecular recognition and then accurately introducing this understanding into the mathematical models used for the inference procedure. By putting all these interactions together, we will build a network of interactions and thus describe the circuitry responsible for a variety of cellular processes.

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Funded by: FCT (PTDC/EIA/67722/2006)

Project Award Amount: 100000.00 €

Start Date: 2007-11-01

Duration: 36 months



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