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Pooja Jain, Francisco Couto, Mário J. Silva, Jorg D. Becker, Literature Based Functional Annotation of Genes.BKDB2005 - Bioinformatics: Knowledge Discovery in Biology June, 2005.

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Pooja Jain, Gene Function Prediction by Mining Biomedical Literature Master Thesis, University of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences, June 2004. Also available as Technical Report DI/FCUL TR 4-12

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Francisco Couto, Pooja Jain, Mário J. Silva, ReBIL: Relating Biological Information through Literature.1st Annual Meeting of Portuguese Proteomic Network - ProCura: Functional Genomics And Proteomics Inst. Nacional de Saúde Dr Ricardo Jorge, Lisboa, November, 2003.

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