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Name: David Cruz
E-mail: dcruz@lasige.di.fc.ul.pt
Webpage: http://xldb.fc.ul.pt/~dcruz
Projects: Tumba!
Research interests:


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Miguel Costa, João Miranda, David Cruz, Daniel Gomes, Query Suggestion for Web Archive Search.Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects Lisbon, Portugal, 2013.

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Daniel Gomes, David Cruz, João Miranda, Miguel Costa, Simão Fontes, Search the Past with the Portuguese Web Archive.Proceedings of the Demos Track of the 22nd International World Wide Web Conference Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2013.

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Daniel Gomes, Miguel Costa, David Cruz, João Miranda, Simão Fontes, Creating a Billion-Scale Searchable Web Archive.Proceedings of the 3rd Temporal Web Analytics Workshop Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May, 2013.

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Nuno Cardoso, David Cruz, Marcirio Silveira Chaves, Mário J. Silva, Using Geographic Signatures as Query and Document Scopes in Geographic IR.Advances in Multilingual and Multimodal Information Retrieval: 8th Workshop of the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum, CLEF 2007 Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5152, Berlin / Heidelberg, 2008. Springer. Revised Selected papers.

Document | BibTeX source
David Cruz, Sidra5: A Search System with Geographic Signatures Master Thesis, University of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences, November 2007.

| Document | Poster | Presentation | BibTeX source
Nuno Cardoso, David Cruz, Marcirio Chaves, Mário J. Silva, The University of Lisbon at GeoCLEF 2007.Working Notes of CLEF 2007 Budapest, Hungary, September, 2007.

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