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The Biomedical Informatics research line of the XLDB Team (BioMed) investigates problems related to biological, clinical and epidemiological data management. This activity was created to respond to the demand for methods for handling large the amounts of biological and medical data that have become available in recent years.

The BioMed research line aims at developing methods and tools to explore Biological and Medical information in automated and efficient ways. The current focus is on as genomic and proteomic data mining and natural language processing.

The following research projects are presently active:

  • BOA - Biomedical Ontologies Applications
  • ARN - Algorithms for the identification of genetic Regulatory Networks
  • ThermInfo - A chemoinformatics database system for thermochemical properties prediction
  • ReBIL - Correlates enzyme's sequence with their activity based on biological literature.
  • Peptides - Peptidic programs for protein classification

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